«  In the middle of a financial crisis, we founded Vigifinance in June 2009. Regulations and taxes being more and more restrictive, and banks not providing enough transparency over their services therefor losing the added value of traditional banking, we chose to create our own asset management model, founded on three important principals: Independence, Transparency and Performance.

This approach aims at responding to three major objectives:

  • obtaining a better perspective by carefully overlooking all of our assets in order to adopt a comprehensive strategy
  • optimising performance by knowing and controlling risk
  • placing our assets within the hands of capable and independent entities

With the creation of our own business model, we have successfully restructured all of our assets, whose sustainability is now based on:

  • the strength of a global and coherent financial strategy
  • a high performance proven through an independent and rigorous selection of investments
  • banking fees which have been carefully defined and negotiated
  • gathered knowledge and asset management

As of 2012, we offer a consultancy service to big private investors who are undoubtedly facing the same problems and needs as ours. We have complete freedom in our strategy, as we are independent of any financial institution, allowing us to offer a fully objective service, always geared towards our client’s interests. »

Caroline Barral & Gérard de Bartillat

Founding Partners


Financial Audit


Wealth Engineering

Asset allocation

Fund Selection

Family governance

Banking organization

Private equity